Peculiarity of japanese dentistry

husayouji(tooth brush origine) Japanese dentistry is managed on the system called every people insurance (governmental insurance). Japanese ministry of Public Welfare regard governmental insurance as almighty. But it is not impossible. That delusion makes peculiarity of japanese dentistry.

Treatment by japanese governmental insurance is piecework. The more dentist treats,the more dentist earns income. But,of cource good treatment needs more time.
A dentist who aim at good treatment in japanese governmental insurance
system,must endure low income.

For example a reward for root-canal treatment of front tooth is
only $15(\2000),molar is $50(\6500),in japanese governmental insurance system.
Sure,that reward is given for all process
from removing caries dentin to root-canal filling.
Unbelievable low charge!

Because the dentist who want to earn much money would like to finish
his work as soon as possible.
Therefore,almost all of japanese root-canal treatment is poor.
I consider ratio of condensing root-canal filling is lower
than that of other countries.
Paste filling has done yet!
Many treated teeth are relapsed.

There is a proverb interpreted next sentence in Japan.
Doctor must not earn the money.(E Wa jinjyutu)
Japanese people mentions to that proverb.
And they inclines to despise rich doctor.
But they should not despise riches of doctor,
they should despise riches by skimping
and system that good job can't earn much money.

The dentist who aim at both of good treatment and rich man,
does non-insurance-treatment.

What is non-insurance-treatment?
Defective part of japanese governmental insurance is ceramometal
prosthesis,prosthesis with precious metal,orthodontics,inplant
metalplate,and GTRmethod.
That part called non-insurance-treatment.
Occationally non-insurance-treatment is expensive.
That cost make up for a loss of japanese governmental insurance treatment.

Why can't governmental insurance include those treatment?
Because Japanese ministry of Public Welfare say we don't have a source of revenue.
I don't know that is truth or lie.
Japanese dentist's income by governmental insurance is decreacing
for recent 20years.
Now financial conditions of japanese dentists are tight.

The time will come when decreacing of income cause decreacing of good treatment.

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